Footprints Under The Snow

There was a time when snow falls,
Soundless as the lying soldiers on the field,
Pale as their blank faces under the clouds,
He put on the boots of his falling comrade,
Picked up the cigarette lighter inside his pocket,
Marching tirelessly,
Across the stretching blanket of blizzard,
Covering millions of scatttering lives.

There was the time when I almost broke,
Silent with senseless words screaming inside,
Struggle with a smile, hiding everything behind,
I left the mud where my innocence was trapped,
Hold on to the memories I once cherished,
Splashing uncontrollably,
Across the city where I came from,
Recognizing nothing under the torrential rain.

My thought drifts away,
Lost with track of time and space, pieces of paper here and there.
No need to worry.
It’s like digging footprints under the snow.
There will be time when both melt.
And nothing left behind.
But you know they were there.
And you will write them down.


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